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    • Evercool Equipment Bag

      Heavy-duty polyester with padded top handles and detachable cross-body strap. Front zippered pocket with organizer for valuables. Zippered pockets at each end hold shoes or equipment. Outer flap on ends can be unzipped, rolled down, and fastened for ventilation. Measures 25" x 14" x 13"; Weighs 3.6…

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    • Nevatear Heavy Bag

      …double end loop provides increased functionality. 40-lb bag approximately 41" in height with a 12.5" diameter; 60-lb bag approximately 46.5" in height with a 13.25" diameter; 80-lb bag approximately 53" in height with a 13.25" diameter; 100-lb bag approximately 59" in height with a 13.25" diameter.

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    • Expandable Equipment Backpack

      …pockets on sides and cell phone pocket on strap. Outer zippered side pockets with adjustable straps for shin guards. Bottom panel unzips to expand into 35" duffel bag with detachable shoulder strap. Measures 23" x 16" x 12" when used as backpack; 35" x 16" x 12" when used as duffel; Weighs 4.2 LBS.

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    • Hydrostrike Heavy Bag, 150 LBS

      Next generation heavy bag ideal for boxing and fitness training. HYDROSTRIKE technology absorbs strikes, providing a life-like feel and a resilient construction. Light, portable design allows for easy pickup and shipping. Weighs 150 LBS when filled with water. Approximately 37.125" in height,…

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    • Glove Bag

      Features front pocket for hand wraps or mouth guard as well as a mesh water bottle holder. Combines EverFresh Anti-microbial and Evercool ventilation technologies to prevent odor causing bacterial growth on training gear. Glove bags are the perfect boxing gear necessity for glove storage.

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    • Wrecking Ball

      Round shape encourages proper form and reduces the risk of jammed elbows. Ideal for perfecting body shots, uppercuts and other punches. Made of tough synthetic leather. Complete with chain and swivel. Weighs 80lbs; approximately 23.5" in height with a 22" diameter.

    • Everhide Double-End Striking Bag

      Premium synthetic leather along with superior construction increases durability and functionality. Extended attachment straps with closed loops prevent glove damage. Compatible with speedbag platforms and double-end attachments. Ideal for heavy bag workouts and mitt work. 8" diameter.

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    • Platinum Nevatear Heavy Bag

      …provides long lasting durability and functionality. Heavy duty nylon straps provide security and safety, while the double end loop provides increased heavy bag functionality. 60-lb bag approximately 47" in height with a 13" diameter; 80-lb bag approximately 53" in height with a 13.25" diameter.

    • Hyperflex Strike Bag

      Design allows for easy movement around target, increasing cardio, leg conditioning and hand-eye coordination. Dual HYPERFLEX individual locking springs provides three workout settings for comprehensive punching, reflex and cardio workouts. Speed Flex (Lock Base, Unlock Neck) setting is ideal for…

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    • FIT Powercore Bag, 30 LBS

      Training aid used to increase upper and lower body strength and explosiveness. Multiple handle positions allow user to execute countless high intensity interval training exercises. 30 LBS; Bag is pre-filled. Also available in 20 LBS.

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    • MMA Everflex Striking Bag

      Fully assembled bag with high-grade, shock-absorbing foam. High-density plastic base is easily filled with water or sand for stability. Everflex neck allows bag to absorb powerful punches while reducing base movement. Extra long bag designed for kicks and knees. Approximately 160 LBS when filled…

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    • Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand

      Heavy duty powder-coated steel tubing combined with 3 weight plate pegs allows for maximum strength and durability. Easy to assemble and will accommodate any heavy bag up to 100 LBS. Platform height is adjustable to accommodate any speed bag size. Footprint: 66.5" L x 47.6" W x 86.2" H.

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