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    • C3 Pro Protective Vest

      Premium leather construction for ultimate durability. Contoured, closed cell C3 Foam technology is designed with increased cushioning, support and ultimate force dispersion to protect the torso and abdomen from powerful punches and lower body combinations. EverDri wicking lining optimizes your…

    • Punch Mitts

      Premium synthetic polycanvas along with superior boxing glove construction provides long lasting durability and functionality. Improved design increases functionality by including a full boxing glove backing. Anti-microbial treatment fights offensive odors and bacterial growth keeping your products…

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    • Catch & Release Mitts

      Unique design features a boxing glove combined with a padded mitt to aid trainers in perfecting a fighter's offense and defense. Mesh palm around mitt target pad allows for increased breathability and heat management. Features C3 Foam to add maximum impact absorption and hand safety. Ideal for…

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    • Muay Thai Pad

      Authentic Thai leather construction for enhanced durability. Design features dense foam padding for safety while blocking kicks, punches, elbows, and knees. Hook & Loop straps with riveted, reinforced handles. Tapered design for greater maneuverability. Reinforced rivets and stitching. Made in…

      $149.99 $104.99
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    • C3 Pro Aircore Punch Mitts

      Aircore technology dissipates impact energy improving protection for hands, elbows and shoulders during training. Designed with dense foam padding for added protection during mitt work. EverDri wicking lining optimizes your comfort and repels excessive moisture during training. Padded wrist support…

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    • Prime Mantis Punch Mitts

      Premium synthetic leather provides ultra-soft feel and increased durability. ISOPLATE technology features vertically-oriented, foam-plated wrist construction that stabilizes and prevents hyperflexion upon impact. Moisture-absorbing and anti-microbial treatment prevents offensive odors, keeping your…

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    • Mantis Punch Mitts

      …lining retains freshness and fights bacterial growth extending the life of your boxing equipment. Mesh back ensures breathability and comfort. Mantis shape and padded wrist support provide superior hand safety and comfort. Mantis Punching Mitts are used primarily for coaching and mitt work.

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    • Evergel Mantis Punch Mitts

      State of the art gel material dissipates impact energy and protects hands during training. Moisture absorbing and anti-microbial lining retains freshness and fights bacterial growth extending the life of your boxing equipment. Mantis shape and new padded wrist support combine to provide superior…

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    • C3 Pro Leg Kick Pad

      Multi-layered, dense C3 Foam padding absorbs the heaviest kicks, knees, and strikes during training. Easy to maneuver for multiple target options. Premium leather construction for ultimate durability. Features reinforced rivets & padded handles to withstand impact and sustain a secure grip. Measures…

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    • Boxing Fitness Kit

      Kit includes one pair of Punch Mitts and one pair of Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves. Punch mitts feature synthetic polycanvas with improved design to increase functionality with full glove backing. Premium neoprene material, along with superior glove construction, provides durability and functionality.…

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    • Elite Leather Mantis Punch Mitts

      Part of the ELITE training line, the Mantis Mitts are designed with the coach in mind. Anatomically contoured hand design, additional gel lining and advanced multi-layered foam ensures hands, wrists and palms are supported and protected. A mesh outer pocket with EVERDRI technology keeps the trainers…

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    • Gauze

      Tight-weaved gauze provides premium support. Measures 2 inches in width x 31 feet in length. Adheres to USA Boxing Rules. Used for sparring and competition fighting.

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