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    Punching Ball

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    • Leather Double-End Bag

      High grade leather. Double-ended ball design for focused strikes. Round, concise shape to develop accuracy. Includes two rubber bungee cords and two ceiling/floor plate attachments. Compatible with speedbag platforms and double-end attachments, sold separately.

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    • Cotter Pin Swivel

      Smooth ball bearing swivel design increases bag speed and accuracy when training. Machine crafted stainless steel ensures product longevity and durability.

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    • Wrecking Ball

      Round shape encourages proper form and reduces the risk of jammed elbows. Ideal for perfecting body shots, uppercuts and other punches. Made of tough synthetic leather. Complete with chain and swivel. Weighs 80lbs; approximately 23.5" in height with a 22" diameter.

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    • Slip Ball

      Essential tool for practicing avoiding incoming punches. Slightly weighted to provide the perfect amount of resistance. Ideal for developing evasive technique and rhythm. Made of synthetic leather. Measures 8" in height and 5" in diameter; Weighs 10 LBS. Comes with chain; swivel not included.

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