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    Hooded Robes

    • Full Length Robe with Hood

      Wide sleeve opening to allow for easier on-and-off. Increased shoulder width allows for more freedom while wearing. Made of high quality satin with hood. Men's sizes. Waist size determines best robe size: S, 26 - 30" / M, 30 - 34" / L, 34 - 38" / XL, 38 - 42" / XXL, 42 - 46"

      Available Colors:  Black/White Blue/White Red/White White/Black
      Available Sizes:  S M L XXL XL
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    • Professional Boxing Bundle

      Bundle includes: one pair of MX Professional Fight Boxing Gloves, one Full Length Robe with Hood, one pair of Boxing Trunks (24"), and one Evershield Double Mouthguard. MSRP: $284.96; You Save: 47%! Bundle cannot be combined with other offers.

      Available Colors:  Black Red Blue Grey Pink Blue/White Red/White White/Black Yellow/Black Black/White White Black/Silver Silver
      Available Sizes:  8 OZ 10 OZ 10 OZ L/XL S M L XL 12 OZ One Size XXL
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