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    • Wrecking Ball

      Round shape encourages proper form and reduces the risk of jammed elbows. Ideal for perfecting body shots, uppercuts and other punches. Made of tough synthetic leather. Complete with chain and swivel. Weighs 80lbs; approximately 23.5" in height with a 22" diameter. Not recommended for outside use.

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    • Uppercut Bag

      Features triple-reinforced ring tabs to ensure maximum toughness and heavy bag durability at the top of the bag. Synthetic leather shell with specially blended filler provides resilient shock absorbency. Comes with a carabineer clip.

      Available Colors:  Black Red
      Available Sizes:  50 LBS
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    • Angle Heavy Bag

      Designed with multiple curves for hooks and uppercuts. Made of durable synthetic leather. Weighs 60lbs; approximately 39.5" in height with a 17.5" diameter. Complete with chain and swivel. Not recommended for outside use.

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